Bethany McCamish currently owns and operates two entities- her brand agency and her podcast.

Previously, Bethany founded His and Her FI Post in 2016, a personal finance (financial independence) blog and podcast. After growing the platform she exited and sold in 2022 to focus on other ventures.

bethany mccamish, a woman in a white dress looking to the left


Bethany Works® is a strategic design studio founded by Bethany McCamish. Based in Washington state and serving clients worldwide, Bethany Works® specializes in crafting psychology-backed branding and web design solutions. With Bethany Works®, businesses can unlock their true potential, establish a strong brand presence, and connect with their target audience on a deeper level.


Bethany McCamish is the host of the Unbreakable Brands™️ podcast, where she delves into the world of brand building and shares expert insights and strategies. Tune in to the podcast to gain valuable knowledge and learn from industry leaders.


Bethany’s work as a speaker, thought-leader, and business owner is centered around the ethos of helping female founders become more visible – because their businesses deserve to be seen. As someone who knows the feeling of being both ‘too much’ and ‘not enough’ all at the same time, she is working to disrupt those tired narratives by helping these women create and cultivate a unique presence and appearance- coupled with increased confidence so we can all to rise with resilience together.

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