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The figure painter Francis Bacon said, “The job of an artist is always to deepen the mystery.” In my work I tend to leave a mysterious aspect to the photograph. This can seem odd to have in a photograph considering its seemingly natural ability at accuracy. However, I believe that by embracing mystery, I can embrace a humble and open attitude towards what photographs can be. We live in a culture where we have this idea that we know everything. If we do not know it, we can simply Google it. Yet that obliterates the very idea of the beautiful unknown. That is the thing that surprises me in my photographs, the thing that I love: the thing that is missing. In this series Abstruseness I complied photographs I have taken over the past year and a half. These images are taken at different times in my life, but are meant to convey a mood of mystery and the darker side of things. I enjoy unwrapping the small bits darkness found in the natural and urban environment. I think that what is unknown can be even more enticing than what is known. I hope this series will leave an uneasy question mark floating amongst your thoughts.